How is billing handled?

Depending on the plan, you have your choice of annually, 2-year, or 3-year billing. By default your hosting renewal will automatically be setup as annual.

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What platform or operating system (OS) does VirtualReality use?

Our servers run the Apache Web server on a Linux/UNIX platform.

What is Disk Storage Space?

Disk Storage Space or Quota refers to the amount of server disk storage specifically allocated to...

Do you offer Windows based hosting?

Not at this time. VirtualReality currently runs all Linux based servers.

If I have my site designed myself can I still host with you?

Yes - Absolutely. We would love to host your site regardless of who designed it.

Aren't my domain renewal and my hosting account renewal the same thing? Why separate charges?

Domain name renewals and hosting account renewals are separate services and are billed...